My fiancĂ© and I came to Adam when we were having some communication issues. We had just moved in with each other and found that we were continuously getting into the same type of fights over and over without much resolution. Adam was one of three counselors I contacted. The first one replied to me with the wrong name and said her calendar was full, the second one we met with for 15 minutes and seemed full of himself and didn't try to understand us, then there was Adam. We got right into the issues instead of talking about how he works. 

We immediately agreed he was the right fit for us. After 6 more sessions, at 75 minutes, my fiancĂ© and I have overcome a lot of our communication issues and things are much better and happier between us. Adam really got to the core of our issues and helped us understand each other a lot better. He made us feel welcome, accepted and comfortable right off the bat. He welcomed any criticism or requests to take the session in a different direction. He's very flexible with his schedule, even offers sessions on Saturdays, and flexible with his pricing. 

Adam is a newer counselor, I believe he's only been doing this for just over a year, but it's clear that he's passionate about helping people and that truly comes out in his sessions and how accommodating he is for his clients. 

Don't be deterred by the "for men" part, he worked great with us as a couples counselor and I know he loves counseling children as well. I strongly recommend contacting him for a consultation if you're looking for a great couples counselor in Seattle.

A. W. Seattle

July 2014

Adam has been my counselor for 6 months now and I wish I had started seeing him sooner! My Naturopath recommended him. I was apprehensive at first because I wasn't sure I could open up completely with a male but that apprehension soon disappeared after the very first visit. I felt very comfortable and am able to open up completely. I have worked on my childhood issues, confidence issues, past abuse, among other things. Adam has given me the tools I need to overcome many of these things. He is very accommodating and flexible. His office is comfortable, easy to find, and has plenty of parking. I liked his approach and demeanor so much that my 12 year old daughter is seeing him for her anxiety issues.

B.W. Kirkland

March, 2015

Adam was my top choice out of 10 counselors that I talked to.

Being an engineer, I took an engineering approach to finding a counselor in Seattle. I looked up all the ones I could find online, then actually set up appointments and went and talked to my favorite 10. I liked all of them, but Adam stood out as my favorite. 17 months later, I still go. 

Every week, I wonder if it's worth it, because I don't feel like I "need to go to counseling," but every time I'm glad that I've gone, because we always find something helpful to discuss that I hadn't even realized was weighing on my mind.

Adam has an easygoing, non-judgemental, open, thoughtful and curious approach that is comfortable and works really well for me. Highly recommended!

Orion B. Seattle

July 2015 

Counseling with Adam has been a breath of fresh air. I have had previous experiences in my life with two other solo counselors and a marriage counselor. Adam is exceedingly straight forward and I feel in this way he is able to speak to me directly on a level that really resonates with me. This also allows me to really open myself up and speak without reservation because I have never found an ounce of judgement. Simply put he "gets me".

Working with Adam has really helped me to tackle a lot of reoccurring issues in the way I deal with myself inside my own psyche. I have slowly been able to leave behind some baggage and negative mental patterns that I have been carrying with me for much of my life. He has given me many tools to help me directly tackle some of the most challenging I have ever faced in my life. 

Adam is a fantastic counselor and I would highly suggest him to anyone who is looking for help.

Mark M.

October, 2015