Pre-Marital Counseling

   Marriage is perhaps the most important decision we will make in our life. We want to feel certain that our marriage will be fulfilling and stand the test of time. So it makes sense that we should explore before hand any of the current challenges or concerns that exist in the relationship. This does not mean everything needs to be perfect before getting married. You should, however, feel like you are able to discuss and work through life's regular upsets and challenges. With pre-marital counseling, patterns of communicating can be explored and more satisfying ways of interacting can be initiated.

   Meaningful, supportive relationships are arguably the single most important factor in maintaining overall health and well being. The truth, however, is relationships are not always easy, requiring regular time and effort to sustain. Pre-marital counseling is a smart choice. It is a statement about your commitment to the success of the marriage. Having a strong marriage is at the core of who we are and how we choose to be in the world. It is crucial to our development, demonstrating our values, how we get our needs met, being vulnerable, intimate, and much more. Inevitably, much of the work in counseling involves how to manage relationships, by improving communication, being genuine, and creating more intimacy and support. 

   As a marriage counselor, I often make use of my own life experience. Having first hand knowledge regarding many of life’s challenges and struggles, I prefer to avoid judgments, understanding that we are all doing our best with the skills we have. We each experience life in a way that is unique to us and want our viewpoint to be understood and accepted by others. Understanding this, I make every effort to witness each person as an individual, respecting their current challenges and the pace at which they are able to initiate change.

   Often we wait a very long time before seeking help with our troubles, believing we should be able to sort out problems on our own. While I understand this tendency, it only prolongs our distress. Unresolved problems create a great deal of anxiety which wears on us, making it more difficult to work towards effective solutions. Commonly, we have lost touch with the strengths, skills, and resources that we have successfully used throughout our lives to solve our dilemmas. By harnessing these inherent strengths and past successes we can move forward toward satisfying solution.