Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

  • Are you struggling to feel connected and understood in your relationship?
  • Are you feeling frustrated, confused, perhaps even resentful or angry?
  • Are you having the same argument over and over without ever reaching a satisfying resolution?
  • Are you beginning to lose hope? 

   Often, the demands of life have been given priority over our marriage. As a result, we end up feeling dis-connected from one another and wondering why. When a relationship is not held as a priority, eventually it will feel stagnant and we become dis-connected. This dis-connect from our partner creates hurt and resentment. We can end up feeling like we are going it alone, or even like we are in opposition. When we can acknowledge and respect our spouse's position and hurt, we can begin to move toward healing. Being intentional about creating a connection that is supportive, understanding, and loving is the first step toward reconnecting.

   I am passionate about Couples Therapy and Men’s Counseling and can help you re-connect to a satisfying, respectful, and loving relationship that you deserve.

I invite you to contact me now, by phone or email and get moving toward a more satisfying life.