Collaboration is Key

     I firmly believe that every person is capable of making changes within themselves and in their life circumstances. Quite often, I witness seemingly small change build upon itself, creating positive experiences which reinforce existing skills and strengths, creating a firm foundation for moving forward.

   Good therapy is a collaborative process. It is a mutual exploration, posing of questions, clarifying, and offering of suggestions toward developing solutions. It is my belief, you are the expert of your life and any proposed solutions need to make sense to you, to feel doable, in order for you to take action.hlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Social Beings in Social Systems

   Family, friends, co-workers, and our larger community all form systems that we interact with and to some degree are dependent upon. These social systems exert influence upon us, challenging us in a variety of ways. This interdependence is especially relevant in a family system where working with an individual is best accomplished within the context of the whole family and how it functions as a system. It is within this environment each person establishes an identity and acts it out. In order to understand both the subtleties and complexities of my clients, you can expect me to be very curious about your family system.

Curiosity as Our Guide

   Every person has a unique way of interpreting life’s events and this colors how we interact in the world. From an early age our experiences lead to certain beliefs and assumptions about the world. How we feel about ourselves, our ways of being in relationships, and the meaning we assign to events are all influenced by earlier experiences. Left unexamined, we tend to act from these long held assumptions without considering their legitimacy or how they influence our present life. When we become curious about our lives, our interpretations, assumptions, and the meaning we make of experiences we gain insight into our thoughts, emotions, and responses. This increased awareness of our process allows us to choose an alternate interpretation, to respond in a manner which leads to outcomes that are more in line with our goals. Often, clients feel a spark of curiosity, fascination, and often relief as they learn how their routine responses and processes influence their day to day lives. Most importantly, by shedding light on this process there is hope that a new, more mindful way of being can lead to a more meaningful life.