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Couples Counseling & Men's Counseling in Seattle                                                

   For each of us there are times when life feels out of balance, times when we are discouraged, confused, or troubled about our present situation. Perhaps we are struggling in our relationship and feel our skills are insufficient to move us forward toward a more satisfying life. Or, we may be going through one of life's many transitions at home, work, school, or in relationship. At these times counseling can provide clarity, develop skills, and create solutions to life’s challenges. Using gentle curiosity as our guide, we will explore your goals and work collaboratively toward solutions.

   In my practice I see adults - men, women and couples. I enjoy working with a wide range of issues, including the following:

  • Difficult or Unsatisfying Communication
  • Feeling Misunderstood or Under-appreciated
  • Feeling Disconnected from your spouse
  • Feelings of Isolation or Inadequacy
  • Expressing Anger appropriately
  • Understanding Shame or Guilt

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